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  S 5 PVT

Power 5,5 kW
Voltage 400 V

Size is identical with model S 10.

S 5 PVT is light and easy to carry and move from place to another.
Where the heater is mainly used it should be set to a wall rack where aiming is easy to different directions.
In wall rack the heater is also easily stored when not in use.

Due to big amount of air flow compared to the heating power the PVT-heaters are effective for indoor use only.

Technical details
Set the heater to a wall rack 
S 5 PVT front

Cover and heat elements are made of stainless steel as other PVT-models.

S 5 PVT back

The fan with ball bearing has very long working life. 

Scene of the control panel:

Power control switch on the left side of connecting cable: 
Switch position 0. When power is turned off the heater will cool itself and then stop.
Switch position 1. Thermostat is now controlling the heater. When thermostat cuts the power off the fan will continue operating until the heater cools down. After cooling the heat elements the fan will stop also.
Switch position 2. Thermostat is now only controlling the heat elements but the fan will keep operating continuously. If the thermostat controller is set to off-position the heater can be used as a fan also.
2 overheat controller buttons on the right. (model is equipped with 2 controllers set to both ends of the heater).
Thermostat controller on the left of overheat controller buttons.
Power start button under connecting cable.



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