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  S 3

Power 1,75 / 3,5 kW
Voltage 230 V

Due to big diameter compared to the power, S 3 is a perfect heater for conditions where air flow needs to be effective but not as effectively pointing as model S 2

S 3 keeps the temperature even in places where effectively pointing heater might damage the objects by pointing the air too effectively to certain spot or direction. (food containers and cellars for example)

S 3 is mainly designed for indoor use. It keeps the air moving effectively to every corner of the room keeping the temperature steady but outdoor use or use by pointing the flow is mainly recommended for models S 2, S 6 and S 17.

Examples for use:

   - food containers and cellars and other buildings where evenly moving circulation of air and heat is preferred
   - normal indoor use due to low noise level (offices, summerhouses, living rooms, etc...)
   - garages, work shops etc...


Technical details
Set the heater to a wall rack 
S 3 front

Heating elements are made of stainless steel.
Reflecting inner tube keeps the surface cool and safe during operation.

S 3 back

Control panel:
Thermostat controller on the left and control switches on the center

Upper control switch:    continuing air flow / air flow when heat is on by the thermostat.
Lower control switch:    1,75 kW  /  3,5 kW

Overheat controller button on the right.



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