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  S 3 PVT

Power 1,75 / 3,5 kW.
Current 230 V

S 3 PVT is the smallest model of our category for combustible conditions.

Small size makes S 3 PVT appropriate for combustible conditions where heater is often moved around or only 230 Volts is available.
S 3 PVT is made of stainless steel as other PVT-models also.

Due to big amount of air flow compared to the heating power the PVT-heaters are effective for indoor use only.
Technical details
Set the heater to a wall rack
S 3 PVT front and scene of the control panel:

Thermostat controller on the right,
Start button on the left
Control switches on the center

 Left control switch:    1,75 kW  /  3,5 kW
 Right control switch:    continuing air flow / air flow when heat is on by the thermostat.

Overheat controller button on the back of the heater.



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