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  S 17

Effectively blowing model for professional use.

Power 16,4 kW  / 10 kW
Voltage 400 V

Examples for use:

   - big industry buildings
   - warehouses
   - buildings that need to be heated up fast with effectively moving air
   - construction sites, (Melt the frozen ground, prevent new concrete from freezing or aim to spots where heat is needed)
   - objects that need effective directing of fast moving warm air.
In wall rack the model S 17 can be set to blow the warm air down from the ceiling. With correct aiming the heater saves energy also.

Technical details
Set the heater to a wall rack
S 17 front

S 17 has the size 32 Amps connecting plug.

S 17 back and scene of the control panel:

Thermostat controller on the center.
Power control switch 1 on the left side above:
Switch position 0. When power is turned off the heater will cool itself and then stop.
Switch position 1. Thermostat is now controlling the heater. When thermostat cuts the power off the fan will continue operating until the heater cools down. After cooling the heat elements the fan will stop also.
Switch position 2. Thermostat is now only controlling the heat elements but the fan will keep operating continuously. If the thermostat controller is set to off-position the heater can be used as a fan.

Power control switch 2 on the left side below. ( 10kW  /  16,4 kW )
Overheat controller button
on the right.

Fast spinning fan blows air very effectively and ball bearing structure guarantees long working life.



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