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  S 10

Heater for professional use. 

Power 10 kW
Voltage 400 V

S 10 is the oldest model of our category. Shape and measurements are still the same as 20 years ago but yet no need for any changes has appeared. Only electrical parts inside have developed during this long period of time.
Our policy of changing the constructions so little as possible also makes sure that modern spare parts with working service are always available even to the oldest heaters we have made.

Examples for use:

   - construction sites
   - factories and warehouses
   - service stations and work shops
   - farm buildings 

By setting the heater to a wall rack it can be aimed towards doors in continuous use. This will prevent the cold air from outside coming inside to the floor. 

Technical details
Set the heater to a wall rack
S 10 front

S 10 back

The fan with ball bearing has very long operating life. 

Scene of the control panel:

Thermostat controller on the center.
Power control switch on the left side of the connecting cable. 
Switch position 0. When power is turned off the heater will cool itself and then stop.
Switch position 1. Thermostat is now controlling the heater. When thermostat cuts the power off the fan will continue operating until the heater cools down. After cooling the heat elements the fan will stop also.
Switch position 2. Thermostat is now only controlling the heat elements but the fan will keep operating continuously. If the thermostat controller is set to off-position the heater can be used as a fan also.

Overheat controller button on the right.



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